Unfinished Accent Tables

unfinished accent tables

  • (of an object) Not having been given an attractive surface appearance as the final stage of manufacture

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unfinished accent tables - Unfinished Round

Unfinished Round Accent Table with Drawer and Optional Finishing Kit

Unfinished Round Accent Table with Drawer and Optional Finishing Kit

OT-2128 Ideal for the hallway, living room or any other room in the house, the accent table is made of solid parawood and comes unfinished. The unfinished surface allows you to customize it perfectly to fit any room in the house. This Accent Table features a round top, storage drawer and bottom shelf for extra space. Features: -Round accent table. -Unfinished surface . -Solid parawood construction. -Storage drawer. -Botton shelf . -Some assembly required . -Overall dimensions: 28'' H x 21'' W x 21'' D . Complete your unfinished item by opting to purchase this finishing kit also from International Concepts. This set is available in several finishes that will match your room decor! With the set comes brushes, sandpaper, rubber gloves and much more! Finishing Kit Features: -1 Pint master finish -1 Pint master finish clear coat -1'' Foam brush -2 2'' Foam brushes -1 Pc 220 grit sandpaper -2 Pairs of rubber gloves -1 Pc 180 grit sandpaper -3 Lint free wiping cloths -1 Fine grit Scotch Bright sanding pad -1 Masterfinish instruction brochure

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My Favourite Corner

My Favourite Corner

Starbucks, Cluj, Romania. And it's even got free wireless! :)
(well, indirectly, from the mall, but still.)

I was pretty much disappointed on our trip to London, as I've found almost no free Wi-Fi access at all. Wireless probably came a little bit later to Easten Europe, already mature, and looks like it will stay free for a little longer. I pretty much take it for granted in Cluj, as it is freely available in most public spaces, malls, and cafes, weherever you go.

Apparently, people here are starting to notice the importance of free access to your data and information, from wherever you are, much like an essential human right, as I would call it. It's more importent than the 10 pounds or 30 pounds that you can pick out of people's pocket. Wireless access should stay free. :))

I can see people moblogging, blogging, taking pictures and uploading them, or reading their mail all across the mall. Especially young people, many of them carrying laptops, which I often do myself. However, my new cellphone PDA shold be able to fight all that alone, if it doesn't crash. (Windows Mobile 6.1 provided, catch my drift, haha)

Let's get back to our beloved Starbucks then. Music is always good, from jazz and blues to folk and rock oldies, creating a very pleasant atmosphere. No techno drumbeating, no insane rhytms, just plaing good old music. Anything from Joni Mitchell to Neil Young, from Tina Turner to Louis Armstrong, from The Beatles to Doors, from Janis Joplin to Arteha Franklin and so on.

This is a 1/6 second exposure, handheld, f/2.7, at ISO 100, widest possible, 36mm focal equivalent. Now on a human language: 1/6 seconds is about the longest possible exposure that a human can make with a handheld camera, without a tripod. Every breath, every shake, every heartbeat counts, the picture will be unsharp and ugly.

People with very steady hands can sometimes pull off 1/4 seconds with decent results. Smokers, or people in worse physical condition can only pull off 1/8 or 1/10 second exposures at most. Anything slower than that will become shaky and blurred unless a tripod is used, or the camera's installed on any solid (often makeshift) base. Rice bags, little bags with beans, tea tables, park benches, garbage cans, window seals anything goes, when it comes to longer exposures and you can't carry a tripod.

Lens with image stabilizer (IS) systems can help you a little, allowing for a couple of stops more than without, but those can't do wonders either. Tips for steady shots in low light are pretty simple: go wide, don't zoom in... the shorter the focal lengts, the better exposures you will get, without shaking in. Keep the diaphragm wide open (f/1.8, f/2.7, f/3.5 the lower the better) so that more light can reach the film or sensor, allowing for a better exposure. But most of you probably know this (and a lot more than me) already, so I'll better stop with the technicalities here.

Back to our little place here. Iulius mall and Polus Center, the city's first two malls both opened in October 2006, racing each other with the opening schedules, and rushing to be ready for the year's Christmas seson. Thus, even month later you could still see unfinished corners, or store spaces yet untaken. Our Starbucks has opened its gates in March 2007, less than a year ago. It has a ground flor, a mezzanine, and a large open terrace on top.

Starbucks has been brought to Romania by the Greek Marinopoulos Brothers, as a franchise. There were one or two places opened in Bucharest already when ours opened third in the country, but the largest as surface and the number of seats. Even more, they say it's the largest Starbucks in all Southeastern Europe, for that matter. A few more shops have opened in Bucharest already (they must have at least 4 or 5 by now) and other locations were in plan as well, like Iasi (capital of Moldova region) and Timisoara (capital of Banat sub-region, Transylvania), both of them large cultural / university centers side by side with Cluj.

The Marinopoulos Bros. Holding apparently specialises in franchising, and bringing large international names into mall across Southeast Europe. Along with Starbucks, they've also brought in other franchises like Marks and Spencers (but no M&S Foods yet, nor cosmetics, textiles only) and Sephora. Rumour has it (please confirm) that they are also negotiating with GAP, a name still absent from Romania for the time being. They also have a joint venture with the Frech Carrefour Group, bringing Carrfour superstores to Southeastern Europe, including Romania.

And this also answers eleven011's question of why Starbucks still isn't present in Hungary yet. Unlike most other global ventures that came in from the West mostly (thus Hungary first), Starbucks came in from the Southeast, through a Greek franchise, and it is actively managed by the Greeks, Panos Marinopoulos and Co.. I've just found a linky about the 5-year achievments of the greeks, partnering with Starbucks' Mr. Schult

Iz Gotz Grayt Hewmins, Dey Biyz Meee A Sewfa!

Iz Gotz Grayt Hewmins, Dey Biyz Meee A Sewfa!

Translation from Domestic Meow: I have great humans, they bought me a sofa!

Within seconds of moving the new sofa into the family room and removing the plastic, Skeeter parked himself smack-dab in the center and refused to budge. We think it meets his approval. :P

unfinished accent tables

unfinished accent tables

Sharpie Accent Liquid Pen-Style Highlighters, 12 Fluorescent Yellow Highlighter(24425)

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