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Dining Room Table Protectors

dining room table protectors

    dining room
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dining room table protectors - Protex Table

Protex Table Pad - 52" x 108"

Protex Table Pad - 52" x 108"

The flexible, soft and easy-to-use table padding of the Protex Table Pad protects a table finish from the accidents that tend to happen, liquid spills, scratches, dents and nicks. You will also notice that the Protex table Pad is sound-absorbing, creating a quiet dining atmosphere and sets off your tablecloth with a gentle, flowing drape. You can relax knowing your table is protected with the soft felt backing which is safer than the foam backed products and it's suitable for all furniture finishes.

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day 335: desk!

day 335: desk!

I'm in love, seriously. This desk/filer set is just awesome. Our computer, external hard drive, printer, and all cables are completely hidden in this thing, with room for actual pens and pencils!

The file cabinet has files and printer paper, and isn't full.

The bench was sitting in front of a dining table in a different section of the store, but we sought it out because we knew that we wanted a bench. Now, all 4 of us can sit and play.

a little bit neater

a little bit neater

that's what sara said when she saw the dining room table last night - because I finally got the big photos adhered to their 8-1/2 X 11 pages, and inserted into page protectors - now the only mess is getting all the basic grey stella ruby patterned paper trimmed and the divided page protectors assembled

dining room table protectors

dining room table protectors

ArmorSuit MilitaryShield - Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet Screen Protector Shield with Lifetime Replacements

This kit includes: MilitaryShield for your device, installation card, application solution, micro-fiber cloth, detailed instructions manual & ArmorSuit Lifetime Replacement Warranty.
ArmorSuit-MilitaryShield is extremely transparent and formulated against UV for anti-yellowing, in order to protect your device. ArmorSuit-MilitaryShield is made from the same protection film material used to protect military aircrafts, helicopters and space shuttles. MilitaryShield also equipped with "self-healing" technology to further extend the protection. The self-healing technology will eliminate minor scratches on the film over period of time. Our MilitaryShield has also been precisely cut to provide perfect fitting invisibly protect your device. You can relax and stop worrying about permanent scratches on your device because our MilitaryShield provides you a peace of mind to keep your device away from any scratches. ArmorSuit MilitaryShield features corrosion and moisture protection, it prevent moisture from migrating through film to attack underlying substrates. It also provides erosion and impact protection, it protect paint, plastics, metals and composites from sand, rock, rain, and debris damage. Also protects against general wear, rubbing, chaffing, abrading, scraping, etc.
How to Remove the MilitaryShield:
If you ever need to remove the ArmorSuit MilitaryShield, JUST PEEL IT OFF with your bare hands, it comes off clean and leaves NO sticky residue.
*Made in the USA*

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